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Veronica's K9 Corner was started for the love of my dog Sammie who lost her companion. We at Veronica's K9 Corner prides ourselves on the full home experience for our clients and their happiness. We are grateful for their testimonials. Please enjoy them below.

Our 3-year-old lab mix loves Veronica's K9 Corner probably as much as he loves his own home. Whenever we get out of the car there he literally jumps for joy, and he dreads having to leave his friends at the end of the day or weekend.

Veronica, (The owner of Veronica's K9 Corner) knows him and me by name and always gives great reports. We are more like family.


A dog with mixed breed

My family and I went on a month-long trip and left our elderly dog with Veronica's K9 Corner. When we left her, I have to admit she was well overweight and lacked a lot of mobility.

When we came back, she was in the best shape ever she had lost a good amount of the fat she had her skin and coat were glowing and she could strut up and down stairs like nothing. We were so happy to see her happy and healthy when we got back.

Thank you for not only keeping her safe and cared for but getting her back to us a better dog.


 Kaylee, a black dog smiling

My little guy suffers from separation anxiety really badly when I came to Veronica's K9 Corner. We had a meet and greet, and my little guy was ok as long as I handed him to the owner.

For the last two years I have handed my pup to Veronica every morning I come, and my little guy is the happiest he has ever been. Where do you get this kind of service were the owner comes and makes sure all is good with every pup?

We love Veronica's K9 Corner


 A Chihuahua lying on a rug

With a new baby, we thought our French bulldog would be ok and our older dog would cause issues, but it was the other way around. Our Frenchie was acting up leaving messes and being so bad.

We called Veronica's K9 Corner and they took her in to retrain her and it worked!! She came back after 2 weeks and she was such a great pup; no more accidents and she transitioned in with the new baby much nicer.

Thanks to your training we are a happy home once again.


 French bulldog

Our newly adopted pup needed some training. We did some research and found Veronica's K9 Corner. The minute we meet Veronica we felt like we made the right choice.

Veronica in very simple, easy terms explained the program and what was expected of us and what they would provide for us. Most importantly she explained our dog to us and how dogs express what they are feeling we would have never guessed they have.

Veronica knows people and dogs really well. We are happy to say that our pup transitioned so well with her help of the trainer from Veronica's K9 Corner we adopted another one and are in training with Veronica's K9 Corner once again


 English bulldog puppy

Veronica at K9 VacayLA is the dog whisperer. Our Buffy is not the same girl we adopted two years ago, in the best ways possible. When we brought her home, Buffy was scared of everything and shook constantly.

After we were no longer able to bring her to work with us, we needed to find a loving environment for her while we were at the office each day, and Veronica’s doggy paradise was the best decision we ever made.

Along with a firm hand and delicious CBD treats, Veronica has helped Buffy become a stronger, braver, less anxious dog. Buffy looks forward to her daily trips to Camp Veronica's K9 Corner! She’s thrilled when she sees Veronica, crying with love and excitement for another day of play and warmth.

Having Buffy at K9 Vacay is and continues to be one of the best decisions we’ve made for our girl. Her quality of life has improved immensely on a day-to-day basis and we are so grateful to Veronica!

-Amanda & Tracy

 West Highland White Terrier