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Replenish is a canine supplement developed by veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Walsh DVM, that keeps our active dogs at their best by restoring vital nutrients lost during either work or exercise. As a former All-American NCAA Division 1 track athlete and Biochemistry major at Rice University and an active participant in dog agility competitions, Dr. Walsh was inspired to created an all natural canine supplement that supports both hydration and recovery after high intensity activities. After years of research which included testing Replenish on her own dog, Sammy, she successfully pioneered a solution that keeps our furry friends at the top of their game. For more information Click Here

Family owned and operated by Dr. Katrin Golian, RxAll Pharmacy is located in the heart of Los Angeles to serve every patient and all their healthcare needs. Dr. Golian is a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy who has dedicated herself to providing the highest quality pharmaceutical care to her patients for over 10 years. She also specializes in Veterinary care, and is fully prepared to address all of your pets’ medical needs. She prides herself on staffing the most professional, knowledgeable and well-trained employees to further help in accurately managing your prescriptions and well being. For more information

 RxAll Pharmacy

Loved by dogs of all ages, especially those with sensitive stomachs, this formula contains robust protein from lamb, eggs, whitefish, and flaxseed. The enticing aroma will catch your dog’s attention, and the crave-worthy taste will keep them coming back for more - mealtime after mealtime.

To help give you the peace of mind every pet parent deserves, the premium nutrition of this food has been proven through a feeding trial, as defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This achievement will appear on the next printing of these bags.

Made with Firmtastic - Our Advanced Fiber Blend

Designed to perfectly complement our recipes, our expert-formulated, proprietary fiber blend, appropriately named Firmtastic, creates poops that are firmer and less stinky because it helps your dog develop a healthier gut. And the health of their gut ultimately determines their digestion, immune health, mood, and overall well-being, as well as your satisfaction, as you’re left to pick up after them. Read more about Firmtastic.

Only the finest ingredients go into our foods:

  • Wholesome proteins with meaty flavors dogs appreciate
  • Prebiotics that boost gut health and immune support
  • Guaranteed pet-specific probiotics
  • Added fiber for sensitive stomachs
  • Nutritious fruits and vegetables
  • No chicken-based ingredients
  • No soy, corn or wheat

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