Dogs are our best friends. So when they need our help, we should give it freely. As a lover of dogs — having cared for and trained them over many years — I felt it was time to go a step further in my service to our unconditionally loving canines. Here’s how…

Lend a Helping Paw.

At Veronica's K9 Corner, our mission is to provide a home away from home for all dogs… including those in need. This comes in many forms, from day visits and overnight stays, to fostering pets from families that are displaced from their homes or whose families are otherwise encumbered by unforeseen situations.

Our primary objective is to make sure that any dog or pup staying with us is happy, healthy and safe.

Our goal is to keep Veronica's K9 Corner displaced dogs stimulated, exercised and entertained until they can return home.

We’re dedicated to the living spirit of Los Angeles and we make a point to give all the dogs staying with us that feeling of being cared for and accepted with open arms.


What We’re Doing!

We want to keep any temporarily displaced dogs connected with their owners when times are tough.

Let’s help keep these fur babies safe and happy, warm and comfortable until their owners get back on their feet.

By helping to raise funds for the care and housing of these pups, you can help make a difference!


Will You Join Us?

Please help to support some of the displaced dogs in our area. Your contribution — no matter how small — will assist in the care, feeding and sheltering of the dogs that we at Veronica's K9 Corner have lovingly taken on for an extended amount of time.


Help Our Cause & Donate

Your support will enable us to meet our goals in helping those of our Veronica's K9 Corner dogs that are currently displaced.

Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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